Always the same wedding albums? SWP says no to classicism.

28 September 2018


Always the same wedding albums? SWP says no to classicism.

There are always the same steps during the weeding day: preparation, rite, reception, party. This means wedding albums would be always similar to each other: protagonists and location would change but the story will be always the same.

We are conscious that these moments are important and it is right that they would be portrayed with same care because they will be unique and precious memories. But other chapters should be frozen beside these moments: unpredictable and unconventional chapters which would be not the same “cliché”, pictures which tell the story in your own way.

During the wedding day there are some expected moments and they are so many that you can’t predict them. But it’s exactly these moments that enrich the big day making it your day.

When someone asks us what is the best time to take a picture our answer is: “when others do not”. SWP photographer must always be careful and awake, he must not be satisfied by institutional and conventional moments and have to be ready to be captured by the event even if nothing extraordinary has been planned. It is there that often that the best photographs are born.

These are moments of serenity, relax and sharing, they are feelings able to communicate an extraordinary expressive force telling the truth of those beautiful moments.

The photographer must be able to be concentrated in the event with discretion, but with full emotional involvement; he must see the world with different eyes, looking where others do not, and being ready with its finger on the shutter.

One of the fathers of photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson, said:

“To photograph means to put mind, eyes and heart on the same line”

Technique is not enough, a photographic reading of reality is not enough, it takes heart.

Only in this way unique photos are born: not being satisfied with what is expectable and predictable and putting emotions to stake. Unique photos create unique albums, beautiful to look at, to browse again and again, able to enchant without tiring. This is the promise of SWP.

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