Reasons to read a blog

21 August 2018


Street Wedding Photography welcomes you to its Blog.

Thanks for being here, we want to give you a short greeting and wish you a good read, but it is right you know what you could find or not in our texts before you start. This blog is born from the idea of a return to the origins. Perhaps not everyone knows how the term “blog” has born. Initially it was a Web-Log, a “Network Diary”, then shortened to the term we all know today.

We all remember our diary, it was the tool for everything at school: homework, inscriptions, appointments, messages between your classmates, cartoons drawn when the time never passed. It was certainly the most personal text in our backpack. The Web-Log puts all this on the net, making it public through texts and pages dealing with the themes dear to this style.

SWP would like to go further and not leave this diary as a simple personal and one-way expression ending in itself. The term “network” is as important as the term “Diary”, so we invite you to consider it as a starting point for a two-way interaction.

The Web-Log of the SWP aspires to be meeting and comparison, interaction and growth.

A place where to make available so much information about photo shoots and SWP approach to the newlyweds, but at the same time a place where they can find a page to take notes and ask for suggestions and insights.

In our several meetings with married couples we have understood that listening is fundamental, because each person has different desires, different fears, different expectations and a different way of seeing and experiencing the wedding day and the photo shoot. Each one is unique and only by listening the newlyweds we can understand if and how our style can be right for you.

These pages are born from the comparison, from chats made taking cups of coffee, from the good and bad events, from the comments on FB, from the phone calls, from the reviews and from the experience. We believe this is the best way to grow humanly and professionally and we hope you could find a space to share on these pages.
Under each article you can leave a comment and we would be really happy if you do this, because for us is essential to understand your point of view.
The relationship between spouses and photographer in SWP is a two-way relationship, full of new paths to be discovered together.