Don’t you know how to choose the right supplier? Here is a compass!

27 September 2018


It is common to find oneself lost in a sea of different offers and companies during the preparation, without having clear ideas about who to choose or how to do it. This is a new, unknown, vast and complex sector, so it is normal to feel oneself a bit confused. Let’s try to see this aspect from a different and more familiar point of view.

It has certainly happened once in your life to visit a market or a country fair: it is always a wonderful opportunity for a walk and for an extra shopping session.
Lots of stalls offer you the most varied products along the way: food and wine, clothings, crafts, books, accessories and so on and so forth.

In such a context you have only two options: or you know what you are looking for or the risk is to be overwhelmed by an excessive offer!

In the actual wedding photography market, the same thing is likely to happen. The preparation phase is full of curiosity and enthusiasm towards this new way which is full of fabulous details and enchanted atmospheres, and which has been long awaited and now it is ready to be finally explored. Then we start: web, facebook, portals, wedding exhibitions, word of mouth and events! So many dazzling proposals. The risk of dispersion is absolutely real.

Researches require hours of work and lots of energy. You must create a list of preferences, consult sites for each service and always ask for quotes. All data must be analyzed and verified by appointment for each category. The choice is often made by exhaustion or lack of alternatives, not for a real and full conviction.

This is a difficulty that has been shown by so many couples, and so as far as the SWP service is concerned, we have decided to give you a compass, an extra tool to orient you in this boundless sea of offers. To organize your wedding and choose your suppliers, you need concreteness and details, not romantic promises and aphorisms.

To put these tools at your disposal, we wrote: “Street Wedding Photography: the new way of wedding photography“. In this book we have collected a lot of information to help you understand how a wedding photo shoot takes place and how SWP puts its personal touch at every moment during your day. Find out if SWP is the right choice for you.

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