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The SWP Blog is born from the comparison with our newlyweds, from the chats made in front of a cup of coffee, from the good and bad events, from the comments on social networks, from the phone calls, the reviews, the experience.

We believe that sharing is the best way to grow humanly and professionally. We therefore invite you to comment, ask for further information and freely interact in the blank space under each article. It is essential for us to understand your point of view! Thanks and .. happy reading!

Alternative wedding photographer? SWP has created a new method!

SWP STYLE  SWP is the first photo studio specialized in fulfilling urban photo shoots. SWP has created a method ...

How to choose a wedding photographer? Do not look at its photographs

The choice of wedding suppliers is not so easy and the choice of the photographer is certainly one of the most complex ones because it is often something you do not know and that you need to manage for the first time.

When is the right time to take pictures during the wedding day? Kairos!

We love punctuality and well-structured plans, but the best thing is to let yourself be inspired, be surprised by what happens and to portray all this in photographs, just because our time is based on these solid organizational foundations.

Always the same wedding albums? SWP says no to classicism.

Always the same wedding albums? SWP says no to classicism. Unique photos create unique albums, beautiful to look at, to browse again and again, able to enchant without tiring. This is the promise of SWP.

Don’t you know how to choose the right supplier? Here is a compass!

We wrote: "Street Wedding Photography: the new way of wedding photography". In this book we have collected a lot of information to help you understand how a wedding photo shoot takes place...

Embarrassment in front of the camera? Take more pictures!

Are you afraid of not being photogenic? The solution may seem paradoxical, but it is to make more photographs! Let us explain.