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Here some considerations which could help you better understand SWP style, so do not hesitate to contact us for any further request.


They all talk about posing and reportage: what are they?

Pose and reportage are the most popular and widespread styles in wedding photography: the first one provides for sessions which are directly coordinated by the photographer, the second one provides for stolen and spontaneous photographs, suitable for who do not like to stay in front of the camera.
The reportage represents the 90% of newlywed choice and for this reason it is important to pay attention in its evaluation. Doing a real reportage requires a lot of time and an absolute freedom of movement (complicate things to handle during the wedding).
Take a careful look at the gallery and ask for explanations on how the photographs are made, or you could find yourself living the photo shoot very differently form how you expect. It risks being not so spontaneous. This does not happen for photographer bad intentions, but to guarantee you a good job. During the wedding day, spaces and time available are limited and particular. To give you beautiful photographs the photographer sometimes need to modify some element, intervene into the scene or invite you to collaborate (even just for a walk together). This is fine, but it must be said before, and you have to agree. Beware of easy promises of those say to you: “You will not see us during all the day”. It is not possible. The photographer is there and everyone could sees him!


Does SWP work posing or making a reportage?

Neither of those things, it is a mix of both. In this embryonic phase it has been defined as “photography in equilibrium”. SWP takes the reportage approach from the Street Photography, which hides the photographer behind his camera portraying a subject without him knowing to have been photographed. From the Wedding photography it takes another approach, which is sober but in its most glamour and modern trait, closed to the fashion photography.


Have I to pose?

Absolutely not. In most of cases the photographer does not intervene in what is happening in the least, but he would move looking for spontaneous and natural photographs. Where conditions of light and context could require it, the photographer sometimes may invite you to collaborate. What does it means? Nothing artificial or fictitious. Requests are only and always related to your placement in the frame. For example, you may be asked to walk a little further to the right or to the left in order to catch a better light point, but NEVER to make a fake smile or a fake pose! It is very important to clarify this aspect.


How SWP photographs will be taken during the different moments of the day?

The city is the typical SWP place because we would need geometric and human components which can be found right there: prospective cuts, volumes, art, even people, movement, change. All these elements are expressed at their most power right there in that urban context. However, this does not mean that they will be not present during every phase and place of the day.
SWP looks for things differently in any context: during the dressing the window of the room could become our source of natural light, the church stairway a game of prospective lines, the giving of wedding rings the most intimate emotional contact.
It all depends on the point of view. SWP offers its original gaze during every moment of your event.


I am not comfortable in front of the camera, what can I do?

The “Meeting” stage we have analysed in the page dedicated to the photo shoot also helps to understand the relationship between you an the photography, in order to make you live a pleasant experience. It may be appropriate to realise a pre-wedding photo shoot to get the ball rolling and find the perfect connection. The fundamental aspect is to solve this problem before the wedding: during that day you do not have to worry about us and our photographs!


How many photographs will be taken during the event?

Digital does not set any limits in that sense, but for this reason it is good to be careful. It is not the quantity of pictures to make them a quality product. It is not true and not necessary that taking 10 photographs of the same scene one of them will result perfect.
There are a lot of improvised photographer, because could seems quite easy have a good photo thanks only to the high quantity of pictures and to the super equipment used these days. This thought is obviously so far from our way to work! Photography is a honest art which requires a lot of study and dedication. Having learned to take pictures twenty years ago when there was only the film on the camera has given to SWP a great consciousness and cure of it. We do not take photographs randomly, we do not pose the attention to numbers, we do not generate files: we take photographs. (It does not means that we spare pictures: for each event there are several thousand photographs taken!)


How soon will be photographs ready after the event?

If printing is not included, the delivery of the optimized file takes place within 40 days from the event. If you wish to receive the album its delivery takes more or less 3 months.


Is there the possibility to have photographs printed?

Certainly. Print gives particular emotions to the photograph that no monitor will ever be able to give. I am not talking about a simple albums, but about precious supports able to become furniture and design complements for your home.


How could we choose photographs to be included inside the album?

Today, about 5000 photographs are taken during a wedding. Taking care of this selection would be an immense, chaotic and potentially frustrating job. We manage the choice of your best pictures thanks to tools and experience at our disposal. We will show you only the beauty of your big day. No stress even after the photo shoot. Obviously, if you have special requests we will be happy to make additions and changes.


Do you use any photo-imaging software?

The arrival of the digital created an indissoluble union between photographs and post-production. Whether you choose to create your album or if you only opt for file delivery, the selection of your best picture is professionally post-produced. Our post-production style helps to enhance and contextualize pictures without take your eyes off sigh of a visual and an emotional authenticity. No special effects or 3D graphics! We usually prefer warm tones or the black and white to enhance the emotional depth of photographs.


What kind of album do you propose?

Our proposals are constantly evolving. To this day, more than 32 formats are available. Supports, materials and colours are totally customisable. Your only limit could be the imagination, but SWP has its own unique proposal even here, which combines your album with a precious and artistic collection of the most beautiful photographs of your big day.


Could you give me a concrete example of a SWP photo shoot?

As we have seen, SWP day always includes planning and preparatory phases. You have to get to that day without the slightest worry about photographs. When the photographer knocks on your door you must feel to open it to a friend, not to a stranger with scary equipments.
Having paid attention to this, we can be with you from preparation phase of that day. These are very emotional and delicate moments. We always move with the utmost discretion, gathering cuts and perspectives of your location with our SWP style.
We portray the moments of your ceremony whether civil, religious or symbolic, with the same modus operandi. Your emotions will be the heart of everything.
After the ceremony we would have two possibilities: depending of time and place we would spend time on the actual Street session. It will be realized while your guests are heading for the location chosen for your reception. We could also engage your friends making everything very dynamic and fun. Taking into consideration all the different time during the day, exhausting waits will be surely avoided.
If for logistic reasons couple portraits are postponed to the post-wedding photo shoot, the day continues celebrating and partying.
The whole event is photographed with authenticity and truth. SWP does not portray a sterile monologue between the two newlyweds but it is constantly looking around, letting that places and people you want next to you could be an inspiration. Create a rich and true story of the best day of your life.


I really like SWP project but we live far away: how can I do?

Distances are not a problem: our preparatory stages can be easily managed via Skype, in addition to our love to travel and getting to know new places! SWP feeds on uniqueness, and the possibility to change scenery makes everything even more artistic and creative. So do not hesitate to write us! Tell us where you live and what you have planned for your big day.

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