How to choose a wedding photographer? Do not look at its photographs

2 November 2018


The choice of wedding suppliers is not so easy and the choice of the photographer is certainly one of the most complex ones because it is often something you do not know and that you need to manage for the first time.
Trying to simplify this passage, let’s take a step back and start from a more familiar perspective.

Imagine yourself in a big shoe store to buy your new shoes. You will need them for a special occasion and you want them absolutely perfect. Before entering the store, you know exactly what you are looking for: colour, material, model, type. You have clear in your mind what is the perfect style and then in the middle of 1000 pairs of shoes you can identify the right ones, with their sparkle and that makes you say: I want them!

They perfectly match with your outfit, the ones you dreamed: they are yours!
This happens because you know very well what to look for, you perfectly know your needs, what you really like and what you do not in shoes..
Carrying all these aspects in the research of your wedding photographer could provoke you a very different situation: you would have not so clear the research methods, nor the elements to pay attention to or those that would feel good on you. You may not have any idea of how to start your research. This is absolutely normal, it is a new thing for you.

What to do then?

It becomes necessary to create a compass, which could orient you and distinguish what can have a value.
You must not be unprepared into the ring of offers!
In front of so many different photographers, you could rightly struggling to make your evaluations, because you never had to deal with this new world. It is complex to approach it without a precise orientation.
Returning to the example of shoes, they are a product that you use, know and appreciate. Whenever you are about to make a new purchase, you know exactly what is the best choice for you, based on your tastes and your experience.
This lack of familiarity disappears in the world of wedding photographs. It is a unique event and it requires to take into account a big number of factors. It can be so complicated.

So, what you have to do?

The first thing to do is not to think about all this!
Wait to throw yourself into the ring, but prepare you first to face each confrontation from a position of strength: yours.

How to proceed? As with shoes!

It is important to start with yourself and with your thoughts. I do not talk about posing or not, reportages, strange big words or unknown post-production effects, but about your values which are your ground, which are something you know well and that gives you confidence.
Do not look at the photographs, do not start to browse gallery by gallery, or the risk is to get lost in a flood of offers. Most of all, you risk to make your decision in the wake of confusing and non-personal information.
Before starting your research, go to your desk and make a list of the most important things for you: this is your weapon in that ring, your comparison to look for a style in line with your priorities.

Ask yourself:
– What do I want to remember in my photographs?
– What are the most important things for me?
– What emotions would I like to express?
– What scares me thinking about photographs?
– What would give me confidence?

After doing this, to analyze all the available offers should becomes easier, as trying a pair of shoes: the right answer perfectly fits and satisfies all your requests.
Do not settle for anything less, the photographs of your wedding are as your most important shoes, you can not miss that piece!
So when you get ready to find the right photographer, do not start looking at its photographs, but try start with you, identifying the things you think are the most important. After that, you would visit galleries and websites to find the style that most represents you. The fundamental aspect is that the photographs you are seeing are be able to give you strong emotions, in line with those you have identified as the most important.

SWP starts from this essential premise: what is important for you in a picture? This answer invites you to ask and define it better. Your values will be crossed with ours to understand if SWP is the right path for you.