Posing and reporting are not styles, but genres: let’s understand the difference

13 June 2018


Iris Apfel, a famous collector, interior decorator, entrepreneur and, as the spot says, “an icon into the fashion world” was involved in a recent advertising campaign. This great artist tells:
« Someone once told me” You are not beautiful and you will never be, but it does not matter, you have something better: you have style” »

I really liked this phrase, because it really highlights a fundamental aspect of life as well as photography: what makes us unique is the style we choose to have, that can please someone and others do not. Who cares, it is ours.

Style makes us unique.

Everyone has his own style.

This could be true even in art, but in wedding photography, which is known for being a category that works on the most unique event that exists.. paradoxically its style sins..
Often the stories in weeding gallery appear very similar to each other, the only thing that really changes are the protagonists.
The kind of style adopted by the photographer is not always well explained, even in what it can offer you as peculiar and unique.

There are only two possibilities: on one side the report, on the other side the pose.


  • if you do not really love photographs, you should choose the report because the photographer does not make personal requests and works with discretion
  • if you love photographs, you could pose during the photo shoot

Styles available for marriage seem to be all here.

But we should go beyond these simple possibilities.

If you are looking for the definition of STYLE, you can find:

Peculiarity, personal characteristic or of a determined group. The complex of choices and expressive means constitutes the peculiar imprint of a school, of an artistic tradition and of the personality of the author.

A Van Gogh paint is always recognizable in art, alongside any other paints as well as a Picasso one, a De Chirico one and a Tintoretto one. Each artist has his own personal touch that makes its paint unique, not replicable, similar to anyone else.

Googling “wedding reportage photographers” you are faced with about 90.800 results: how can be the style of a unique event?
Do not get us wrong, we love reportage and spontaneity in general. We are saying, however, that given the immoderate number of wedding photographers on the market nowadays, this reference is no longer sufficient.

The reportage refers to the style that takes spontaneous photos, captured without notice the photographers and without any request from them. The pose is placed on the opposite pillar, like that style which guides you in every step you take.
You do not have to be satisfied with this aspect: look for a style that really represents you, in line with your way of living and seeing the wedding. SWP is specialized in the realization of photo shoots in urban environments and therefore its style is characterized by modern, glamorous and non-traditional aspects. Spontaneous, but not only …