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24 August 2018

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Couple portrait in Vicenza: Michela e Riccardo

When Michela and Riccardo contacted us, we immediately understood that it would be a photo shoot full of style and personality: he is designer and drummer, she is an interpreter passionate about photography.

The imminent cohabitation sparked in them the desire to make some shots with which to give an identity to the white walls of their home. Selfies in this case are not enough, and they did not feel represented by the idea of a portrait posed in a studio. They wanted something much more personal.

From here, the contact with SWP and the definition of their project. Vicenza has been chosen because the Palladian lines are pure enchantment for a designer, but avoiding the classic postcard effect! The SWP angle gives new energy to the streets of Vicenza through unique and original shots.

We start our walk away from the lively atmosphere of the city center and it is right in the firsts streets of the city that we find the first shoot opportunities, thanks to a perfect light.

Approaching the coolest and most famous streets, we walk along Corso Palladio and let ourselves be inspired by games of reflections and some shop windows, which have been able to give a glamour touch to our shots.

On the way to Piazza dei Signori, we decide to challenge the noble bon ton with some dynamic and irreverent shots, and then we reach the Basilica Palladiana ending our walk with a bit of pure romance.

A photographic session which has been really fun and full of personality, lived with great enthusiasm by everyone.

For Riccardo and Michela, an alternative portrait to frame for their new home: done! With SWP…

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