Wedding photography service at Villa Lucheschi + Street Session in Copenhagen

9 September 2019

Street session Weddings Weddings & Street Session

When Debora and Niklas contacted us to be informed about the photo shoot, they asked for dates already taken. The next day Debora called to inform us that she decided to change the date in order to give us the possibility to carry out the photo shoot. We spent the wedding day in the vineyards and hills of Conegliano with them, being joyful and grateful. There has been a wonderful party for all their guests lived with elegance and spontaneity. Sometime there later, we met them again in the city where they live and work: Copenhagen, the beautiful Danish capital city. In Copenhagen we created a fabulous Street Session, full of lines, light effect, lights and shadows contrasts, modern perspectives and a touch of irony.

Here is the story of Debra and Niklas.

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“Nowadays there are a lot of photographers who sell themselves as “spontaneous” searching for people’s emotions. What sets SWP apart from the other photo shoot is the personal nature of Matteo and Marco, who would put anyone at ease and in addition to their expert eye for lights and geometries. They are not traditional photographers, who “steal ÔÇŁnewlyweds for hours. They are very careful to let people enjoy the day with their friends and their relatives. They are always ready to capture all the emotions and details of the day even if almost invisible. To put the wedding dress back on was great . We have been living in Copenhagen for a long time and we wanted some photographs here. I t was like reliving a completely different second marriage. From one side we were in the middle of vineyards in Conegliano with our relatives and our friends, from the other we were in the middle of the city where you the eyes of strangers could be always on you, where you don’ t know what could happen to you. Concerning a traditional wedding the biggest problem is always the weather because everything is al l set. In SWP you never know who and what are around the corner ! When I left home my legs were trembling and I was much more agitated than during wedding day because I asked myself: will I meet someone I know? What will people could think? I t is real y difficult to describe what I took with me from this experience, because when this experience finished I felt a strong sense of sadness: i t was a particular emotion. I felt as beautiful as my wedding day, but in a more intimate setting, with friends and it lasted too little! A unique experience. I bring two important things with me with no doubt: the first is that I knew myself better. I thought I was ashamed of being afraid of finding people I knew and think they could consider me as a vain person, and instead I deeply enjoyed each moment, every timid comment form these introvert Danes ­čÖé Secondly, I live a different Copenhagen now. Before this experience I lived in a town that I barely knew, now I always discover al l the shadows and the lines of Matteo and Marco’s watchful eyes. I t has a completely new charm” Debora and Niklas