Wedding Photographer in Veneto ( Abbazia del Pero ) and Street Session in Venice

19 October 2018

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Elisa and Luca. We immediately created a beautiful empathy with them: the same style, the same vision of life, the same values. Making a photo shoot feeling this harmony becomes a fantastic experience, because we receive much more than what we give.

Our day together starts from the preparations. Already in this first phase the circumstances suggest us to take some photographs in pure SWP style. We were next to them with discretion and respect during the celebration of the all religious rite in their parish, in the province of Venice.

The celebration followed by an elegant reception in the beautiful Abbazia del Pero, near Treviso. Elisa, however, had a dream for her wedding: being in love with Venice – a city that enchanted her since she was a child and that has been the frame and the inspiration for her Art studies, she asked us to create a post-wedding SWP session in Venice.

Taking photographs after the wedding day in a city dear to you leads you to live a magical and special experience, a strong and special emotion which surely enriches your big day with enchanting nuances. In this way, the wedding day could be lived with the utmost serenity and without stealing time to you from your guests. At the same time, it allows you to absolutely have an extraordinary photographic story.

We asked Elisa which artists had most affected her during her studies. She first mentioned the Venetian painters who studied and painted lights. That’s why Elisa has rediscovered her passion and emotions in SWP, which is inspired by those masters in the lights management,.

If you want to experience the same emotions as Elisa CONTACT US and telling your dream.


“We never done a photo shoot before the wedding, so I feared to have the possible reaction of a “runk”, but with SWP everything is in photographer ‘s hands. The ability of Matteo and Marco is to always make you feel at ease… you don’t even notice the presence of the “photographer”, actually. There is a friend with you, who helps you to deeply live your day without making you feel uncomfortable. The city experience is really a unique and particular way of experiencing photographs. In my opinion i t was the most beautiful experience ever . Venice is the city that I love most in the world and going there in a wedding dress has been BREATHLESS! During the Street Session you live being a bride in a completely different place making that day even more magical. I was really impressed by people’s react ions. Concerning the wedding photographs, we saw tears and sincere emotion. During the photo shoot in Venice, we saw spontaneous and joyful reactions from the people we met along our way: those who smiled at us, those who gave us their best wishes as we were a big family. It was really amazing! And what about of all those who followed our adventure from home? If I think about the photo shoot with SWP, I still feel the complici ty between us, Matteo and Marco, the serenity on the wedding day knowing that the photographs would have been amazing done. The chance to visit a wonderful city as Venice is, wearing our wedding dresses: a fairy tale outside the usual patterns.”

Elisa and Luca