Perfect scenario for a couple photo shoot

Wedding photographer in Treviso

Discover this city as the perfect scenario for your wedding photographs.
Preferred by the stars, available for you, portrayed by SWP.

Treviso: elegant and refined location for a couple photographic service.


Walking through Treviso is like traveling through time, because the city is rich of history traces.

The history of Treviso is in fact complex and troubled, a constant evolution: a flourishing center in medieval times, became a duchy. It grew, expanded its domains and became a valued destination for poets and researchers who were able to told their beauties. Scene of numerous knightly shindigs, named as “Marca gioiosa et amorosa” (“Happy and lovely city”).

The perfect setting for a couple photo shoot, the perfect match between party and romance.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Treviso, SWP can walk you discovering this city, its beauties, its noble atmospheres.


The pedestrian historical center offers a splendid setting for newlyweds and photographers. Our walk can start from Piazza dei Signori, the heart of the city that houses the famous Palazzo dei Trecento. Its porch leads you to the city water area.

Those who visit Treviso for the first time are surely fascinated and surprised by its fluvial nature, full of bridges, canals and evocative views. A small island called Pescheria rise up in this area, a typical place that welcomes the fish market. Near this place there are a lot of water mills still in operation. An enchanting city where it is really nice to relax and enjoy a romantic walk among willows and water reflections.

Making wedding photographs in Treviso means choosing an elegant and refined location, cool at the right point, romantic and suggestive. Treviso enchants and excites you, captures you for its refinement and surprises you with its energy.

So it does not seem a coincidence that US star Jessica Chastain has chosen it to get married with her boyfriend Gianluca Passi, manager of Moncler! The ceremony was held in the exclusive setting of Villa Tiepolo Passi welcoming a parade of stars including Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt.

Treviso has nothing to envy to the most famous wedding destinations, it has all the right characteristics to offer to bride and groom a dream location and an amazing and precious setting.


The ideal location for couples who want to find the attention to detail in their photographs and the typical care of SWP.


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Nowadays there are a lot of photographers who sell themselves as “spontaneous” searching for people’s emotions. What sets SWP apart from the other photo shoot is the personal nature of Matteo and Marco, who would put anyone at ease and in addition to their expert eye for lights and geometries. They are not traditional photographers, who “steal” newlyweds for hours. They are very careful to let people enjoy the day with their friends and their relatives. They are always ready to capture al l the emotions and details of the day even
if almost invisible.

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We never done a photo shoot before the wedding, so I feared to have the possible reaction of a “runk”, but with SWP everything is in photographer’s hands. The ability of Matteo and Marco is to always make you feel at ease… you don’t even notice the presence of the “photographer”, actually. There is a friend with you, who helps you to deeply live your day without making you feel uncomfortable.



Non avrei mai creduto di riuscire a fare una cosa del genere, invece sarei andato avanti per ore: è stato divertente e mi ha meravigliato la reazione delle persone. perfetti estranei che ci salutavano, si fermavano a farci gli auguri, volevano una foto con noi. Per non parlare di tutti quelli che da casa hanno seguito la nostra avventura. Vorremmo usare quatto parole per descrivere quello che per noi è stata l’esperienza con SWP: 1 emozionante 2 imprevedibile 3 originale 4 divertente.


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