Wedding photographer in Padua?

The new way in street photography for a surprising and exciting result.


If you want to have fun doing your wedding photo shoot, Padua is the perfect place. A sparkling, dynamic and welcoming city, which offers inspirations and challenges to SWP, giving you unique and personality-packed shots.


Padua: university town, eclectic, modern, lively and dynamic.

Walking through the streets of Padua means find yourself immersed in a mix of tradition and novelty. Craft workshops beside trendy proposals. Historic buildings host avant-garde showrooms. The sounds of graduation parties mixed with the nightlife of Piazza delle Erbe.

Stylistically and architecturally Padua is the perfect synthesis between past and future, history and novelty. On your left you can admire the Scrovegni Chapel and just across the street the one of the most recent works by architect Daniel Libeskind. These contrasts are surprisingly harmonious and complementary. They do not undermine the city identity, but rather they are able to enhance and enrich it.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Padua, SWP is the right choice to create spontaneous and natural photographs in a lively and engaging context.

Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza della Frutta and Piazza dei Signori are certainly the most symbolic locations: open-air terraces which are synonymous of celebrations and conviviality. Palazzo della Regione and Palazzo Bo strutting down side by side. A cool and trendy atmosphere along Via Roma takes you straight into the majestic embrace of Prato della Valle.

Making couple portraits in Padua means having fun, enjoying a welcoming and dynamic city that offers you interaction, events and culture. A city that can offer us so much should be well managed in order to avoid dispersions.

What is important for SWP is always to outline a project that allows you to fully enjoy the wedding photo shoot, choosing the best. If it is true that a SWP fundamental factor is unpredictability (because it is not possible to know first who we will meet along the street or what light games will be created during that day), SWP is never improvised.

The project that is carried out before the photo shoot needs to optimize time and landscape of our walk. It will give you only the best and make you live a pleasant and enjoyable experience. In this welcoming city, which is full of inspirations, everything slips away fast and easily, but SWP is not satisfied and seeks for inspirations and new perspectives.

SWP tells your love story through timeless photographs, in perfect balance between spontaneity, artistry and emotion.

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Padua: the promise of Alessandra and Giovanni A sweet and romantic request from Alessandra and Giovanni who contacted us to make a photo shoot in Padua to capture their promise. A very special day for them.


Matteo is a real professional to be recommanded for sure. His photographs are beautiful and he manages to capture the best moments as if they were poetry. We immediately found ourselves comfortable and he has been able to capture shades without notice his presence. All with an extreme precision which we would never have imagined, getting us emotional at every time we look at our pictures.

A photographer with a capital P, a true professional who has managed his sensitivity and his passion to capture our whole being with his photographs. Always in action, always ready to capture and watch light games and the best moments to then take wonderful photographs, chasing our looks and the naturalness of the moments. In addition to being a professional photographer, he is a person with whom we have created a friendly and accomplice relationship, and all has been possible from his being sensitive and approachable.

Matteo is a brilliant photographer, full of talent and imagination. Its photographs are never banal, they contain all the emotions and atmospheres of your moment adding even more of them. Beside being an excellent photographer he is also dynamic and willing. Suggested, but book him much earlier or he will be already reserved.

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